Handmade Engagement Rings

Ian & Hannah

A Beautiful Secret

Hannah’s bespoke engagement ring was made in secret with Ian’s input. The flowing lines represent the rock structure in the earth below where they met.

Ben & Julie

Message in Rose Gold

Julie’s handmade engagement ring is rose gold, tourmaline and diamond, with tiny three-dot icon detail representing their long distance relationship via messenger.

Making the Impossible

Resin Floating Diamond Ring

This beautiful handcrafted engagement ring made of gold, diamond and resin was created after a number of jewellers said what the clients wanted was impossible.

Dimitri & Becky

Coastal Ring

Becky’s surprise bespoke engagement ring echoes the couples love of the sea and coastal lifestyle. It has a beautiful cushion cut sapphire as its centrepiece.

Pete & Angela

Message in Rose Gold

This traditional handcrafted engagement ring was designed around a huge natural blue diamond the couple hand picked. The shoulder diamonds and gold were remodelled from Angela’s old ring.

Adam & Caroline

You Are my Sunshine

Adam commissioned this bespoke engagement ring for Caroline which echoes her sunny disposition and the trust one has that the sun will rise tomorrow.

How to Make
The Perfect Engagement Ring

Our secret is simple - we listen.

Making the perfect engagement ring is about understanding what makes your relationship special, so before we put pencil to paper, we invite you in for a cup of tea and listen.

Some couples share a love of long walks or comic books, others remember fondly the place they first met. Every relationship is different but they all have something unique.

That's why when you wear a wedding or engagement ring by Isabella Day, it's more than a piece of jewellery, it's a piece of your story.

Email us at hello@magnusandbella.co.uk and start your story today.

How Much Will Your Engagement Ring Cost?

Purchasing the perfect engagement ring can be a nerve wracking experience!

At Isabella Day we give the support and guidance to help you make the right choice, so you can buy an engagement ring you know they'll love. We can help you source diamonds or alternative stones and create stunning designs; traditionally styled or something just that little bit different.

Bespoke, handmade engagement rings at Isabella Day can cost from as little as £1000, most of our clients spend between £2000 and £6000 on that perfect piece, created to last a lifetime and passed down for generations to come.

Email us at hello@magnusandbella.co.uk and start your story today.

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