Bobbie’s Bangle

Bobbie inherited glass bead necklace from her Grandmother that was falling apart and that she didn’t wear. We helped her to preserve it by setting it in a resin bangle which she loves and wears every day.

Birch tree wedding set

Barbara asked us to remodel her engagement and wedding rings for her. We melted down her gold and used the gems to make new rings based on the lines and textures found in the Birch tree.

Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

Moira asked us to make a tiny rose gold pendant to fit with some rose gold letter disks she already had. Inside the pendant we set one of three diamonds she had inherited from her mother. We made a ring and another pendant with the other two and she gave these to her daughters.

Jewellery Remodelling

We have a wealth of experience in remodelling special pieces. If you have a gift or family heirloom that you would like to wear but needs some loving care, bring it to our studio and we'll bring it back to life.

At our specialist studio, we have the skills, experience and tools to give your old jewellery a new lease of life.

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